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We provide DJ, Sound and Entertainment Services to Clubs, Nightclubs,
Lounges and Private Events SINCE 2000.

Special lighting effects on dance floors

Nitelife Sounds breaks the sound barrier in every conceivable way; mesmerizing audiences with the latest pulse, beats and rhythms in an unparalleled atmosphere of unrivaled excitement and enthusiasm.

New York City Entertainment Billboards in a Night Scene

Striving to keep your business way ahead of the competition with the newest recordings and releases; this is our purpose.

In some cases, we announce and play "pre-release" recordings by the most popular artists to the audience right in your Club. We are constantly working on fresh in-house mixes for weekly performances.

Projecting your business’ profit capabilities to an enhanced potential with the latest developments in sound and special effects equipment that incorporates "state-of-the-art" technology; this is our goal.

We accommodate the needs and requirements of your venue within a very affordable pricing structure. We live up to our mission of dazzling & captivating audiences with high power lights, laser functions, special effects equipment coupled with the newest, most innovative "cutting-edge" technological developments that deliver excellent sound.


Our efforts render unsurpassed crystal clear rhythms and "live performance sounds" which are specifically designed to retain your existing customers, to increase the number of weekend customers and to create a more profitable environment;

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...targeting your venue as "the place to be" for audiences seeking the most fun, relaxation and a great time for their buck.

  • Continuous light show
  • Digital sound
  • Elimination of hazardous effects
  • High and low levels separation
  • Highest sound output according to layout
  • Hostesses
  • Karaoke nights
  • Laser functions
  • Latest mixes/recordings
  • Sound -limiter- for balanced output
  • Live performance sound
  • Live Band Performance
  • Minimal distortion rates
  • Powered lights
  • Safe trussses to industry standards
  • Special effects
  • State of the art equipment
  • Two/three-way speakers (full range output)
  • Visual enhancements
  • Weight tested clamps
  • Much more. Click on "Services" for details

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